Netgear EX2700 Won’t Show Up on WiFi List – How to Fix

Netgear EX2700

In order to connect to a WiFi extender network, it is important that you see its SSID on the network list. But, what if the extender won’t show up on the network list? Worry not! This article will help you get this problem resolved. For easy troubleshooting, we have taken the example of users who have performed Netgear EX2700 setup in their homes. You are free to apply the same tips on the extender model you own.

Why Won’t EX2700 Show Up on Network List?

Learning the reasons behind any network issue is the first step to troubleshoot it. Therefore, we recommend you walk thoroughly through this section to find out what might be the reason behind this problem.

What to Do Before Actual Troubleshooting?

Before you move ahead and apply any technique, we suggest you check if the Netgear EX2700 is not appearing on the network list of one device or the problem is with every device. If there’s only one device, then you are suggested to 

  • Bring it into the extender’s WiFi range. 
  • If that doesn’t help you out, it is recommended that you restart that device. It will help you resolve this problem.

Now, let’s discuss the topmost reasons due to which the WiFi SSID of your range extender might not be appearing the network list of all your devices.

Reasons: Netgear Extender Not Showing Up

  1. Disabled SSID Broadcast

The very first reason is that you have disabled the SSID broadcast due to which the extender is not appearing on the SSID list. You cannot expect the extender to show up when you have not allowed its SSID to do so.

  1. Minor Bugs

Temporary bugs in the entire network system can also be the reason due to which the problem we are discussing can trouble you. Technical glitches can appear at any time and can cause a massive loss to the entire home network. Thus, you must address them for sure.

  1. Outdated Firmware

Chances are that the firmware of the EX2700 extender has now become outdated. Keep in mind that the extender starts behaving weirdly whenever there is a need to upgrade the firmware. There is also a possibility that your extender will stop working.

Fixed: Netgear EX2700 Not Showing Up on WiFi List

Hopefully, you have understood the reasons causing the problem. It is time to jump up to the actual troubleshooting process. Here’s what to do in order to fix the issue.

  1. Enable the SSID Broadcast

Using the default Netgear WiFi extender login details, log in to the EX2700 extender and see if you have actually disabled the SSID broadcast. It can be done by navigating to the Wireless Settings section. If what we have assumed turns out to be true, you should enable the SSID broadcast immediately. 

  1. Power Cycle the Network

It is recommended that you power cycle the entire home network now. It will help you do away with technical glitches. Power cycling implies disconnecting every networking hardware present in the house from power and keep it in idle position for a while. Thereafter, they can be plugged in and powered up.

  1. Upgrade the Firmware

Since this troubleshooting tip will require you to access the web GUI of the extender, it is recommended that you hardwire the extender and PC. Once done, go to and log in to the extender. Verify if there is a need to update the firmware. If there is, then install the latest version as soon as possible.

In a Nutshell

The Netgear EX2700 won’t show up on WiFi list because of a disabled SSID broadcast, technical glitches, or outdated firmware. Hopefully, you will fix the issue after addressing these cases. However, if the problem is still there, resetting the extender will be ideal to fix unknown causes.