7 Types of Graphic Design You Need to Know

Graphic Design

Brand colors and visual identity are all around us. You must have seen them on websites and product packaging. Even all kinds of advertising, including personal items like documents and business cards. Simply, your brand is what others perceive about you and your company. The best Graphic design is what gives identity to your product or service. Visual identity is what the brand index should look like, from your logo to your color choices. An all-inclusive graphic design services strive to create visuals that can be very convincing. You should think about your own experiences as a consumer to perceive things visually.

Brands Sizzle with Expressive Typography

Text is one simple aspect of identity, but it can be amazingly expressive. All it takes is to have unique fonts  you can subtly (or not-so-subtly) change the entire look of your brand. Most brands prefer two to three fonts—often inspired by the logo—for basic, everyday use. Zeropixel Graphic Designing in Lahore services work on fonts and color chemistry with care and should be a reflection of your unique visual identity. There are some fonts that the professionals avoid, fonts that were once popular but are now considered outdated and overused. When in doubt, the more timeless, understated font is less likely to exaggerate your message. Their impressive font choice complements your branding but still be current and professional.

Explore What’s in their Graphic Designing Basket?

They must be capable of handling your business to unprecedented heights with their all-inclusive portfolio of graphic design services. Their services include promotional videos for YouTube, catalog presentations, and business ambassador videos. Their business videos serve as an excellent medium whether you need a product demonstration or an instructional guide; Their  team excels in producing high-quality live-action and still footage, ensuring that your videos are optimized for swift loading times and enhanced online search ability.

  1.  Logo Design

A company logo is a lot like a depiction of a brand—it’s how people perceive you and your company and service. That’s why it’s important to create it intelligently. A split or distorted company logo, or one too small to read, will render viewers the wrong impression your company.

  1. Product Design

Product design comes first. The product is the base, obviously, and the product designer designs a lot of things like a phone box, a toy box, or a Rising Five processor box. The designer has to keep in mind how the product will look more appealing than other products. Though you need to focus on its colors, and ensure that the product design is different from its competitive products in the market due to copyright issues.

  1. Branding Design

Branding design is very popular nowadays. A branding designer focuses on the marketing side of a company, including brochures, business cards, social media posts, and overall brand presence. Branding designers help companies with their branding and social media presence.

  1. Website Design

Next comes website design. Websites and apps are designed by website designers or UX/UI designers. They must ensure the app or website works well on phones, PCs, and tablets. Best Graphic design comes from designers to focus on user to experience and the visual appeal of digital platforms.

  1. Print Design

Print design includes posters, big hoardings, and other printed materials. Although social media has reduced the use of poster painting, print designers still design items like bottles and T-shirts. Print designers also work in the publishing industry, designing books, magazines, and covers. This form of design is effective for advertising as it looks attractive and conveys a lot of information quickly.

  1.  Environmental Design

Environmental design is used for events or shows. It involves designing the overall theme, screen elements, and their placement. The person who designs all these aspects is called an environmental designer.

  1. Brand Colors

You might think colors are a separate discussion. However, Colors are the most important factors of graphic design services. It is thanks to colors that turn your brand into unique recognizable realm. So, brand colors are another type of graphic design offerings for businesses and entrepreneurs to promote brands and products.


These are the seven types of graphic design. You can learn from this which one you should use for better branding you more and which designing style you want to select. If you liked the blog, please share with us your views in the comment section below. If there is someone in your friend circle who wants to hire the graphic design service, share this blog with them. Follow our informative blogs to gain more information.